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Weesp As met Allure
LAP Landscape & Urban Design wint met De Bie Wegenbouw uit Velserbroek de opdracht om de As met Allure aan te leggen in Weesp. Het project betreft een herinrichting van 50 km/uur naar 30 km/uur en ondergronds het vervangen van het gecombineerde rioolstelsel door een gescheiden rioolstelsel. De uitvoering start zomer 2018.

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Hart van Bodegraven
Dorpsbouwmeester Bodegraven geeft groen licht voor ontwikkeling ‘Hart van Bodegraven’. LAP Landscape & Urban Design ontwierp de architectuur als integraal onderdeel van de stedenbouw en het landschapsontwerp.

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He who plants a tree, plants a hope!


LAP Landscape & Urban Design is a young Dutch design studio that was founded by Sander Lap in Rotterdam in 2009 after winning the biannual Archiprix International for best worldwide graduation project and Europan Nijmegen. The studio specialises in interdisciplinary design between landscape and urban design with a strong ecological and robust identity.

We design projects that grow old beautifully and get more lush with the day!

Currently the studio is working on a manifold of Dutch urban design projects, together with landscape architectural and international multidisciplinary masterplan projects. The 200ha Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven is our most innovative project, Utrecht Antoniuskwartier, Bodegraven Nieuw Weideveld, Zaandam Oostzijderpark, high-end residential living Eendragtspolder are masterplans cooperating with Timpaan BV, Hofstad 4B Houten (BPD - Bouwfonds) are currently developing.

The roofgarden of the Liberty Global / Ziggo Campus in Schiphol-Rijk, urban running street markings RotterdamRent! and BaRUNdrecht and the first phase of Antoniuskwartier were realised. Recently won competitions are Maurtis Noord te Ede, Lindeveld climate adaptive residential masterplan in Aalst Belgium and the residential complex voor Generaal Winkelmanlaan. This year we won the competition to transform the former Noorderdierenpark Emmen into a city park. 

The studio settled itself into the Russian design scene by winning the international design competition for Nikola Lenivets. The project Constellation offered a strategic organisation for the new territories around the art village of Nikolay Pollisky. Later that year the studio won the third prize in the international ZIM-konkurs in Samara with Volga River waterfront masterplan. The studio is now in frequent collaboration with it’s Russian partner office AM Proektus to participate in high profile Russian competitions, with the first prize in the competition for legendary factory Serp I Molot (Hammer & Sickle) and won 3rd prize in the Krystall City competition in Moscow as the partnerships latest results.

For the International Architectural Biennale Rotterdam LAP completed a research project for the greenification of the Rotterdam city center for a more sustainable city center. Proving that densification can always be companied with high quality functional green, referred as big city Glamorous Green, to generate more comfortable sustainable cities. The research program resulted in several smaller greenifaction projects with the Apenrots at the Willemsplein as the first realised example to replace unused paving into successful low budget urban gardens making the city greener.


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