Villa L

Villa L

Between Amsterdam and Utrecht in the forest our friends of Powerhouse Company designed a splendid residence for a family with three young children. The house has three entirely different architectural layers of which one sub terrain, one a collection of wooden chambers and the ground floor fully open with a glass facade to the garden.

LapLab was briefed to create a robust, green and functional garden. For the concept of the garden we started from the principle that the garden is by design, concerned with both the interior and the land beyond the garden. Including the a wide lawn attached to the interior and creating arcades with green from beyond the garden the optimal spatial blend was created. Offering comfortable space for parking at the entrance and facilitating the children with a playground and sports area. The design principles were to give light and space to the modern grand design of the house and to play with the closure and openness of the typical forest garden with solitair trees.

The design has a trinity concept of mass and air and the green collier.

In abstraction the design of the house and the garden are the trinity, the three elements of the volume of the house, the space of the lawn and the botanic volume of the fringe. Due to this abstraction and the principles it became apparent to consolidate all briefed and much desired program into the boundary of the garden, creating a rich lush necklace, the green collier.

The lawn is framed with the Giro a continuous garden path passing the parking area, through the trees, sloping down, sloping up, going through the dense wall of Rhododendrons, around the garden house, passing the tree house, edging the lawn, passing the flower dunes, passing the sport zone, going underneath the branches of the cherry orchard, passing the pines, back to the start.

Additionally the garden is officially framed by the paparazzi proof fencing. The light green and yellow roofgarden on the second floor grows lush and blossoms decorate the corridors and curving undulating flower dunes give space to the maintenance free evergreen borders.

Implementation of the garden was done by two parties: Aannemingsbedrijf BTZ BV for excavation and infrastructure and Groencombinatie Amstel Ruisendaal BV as the gardener.
Construction finished in the summer of 2012.

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