Crystal City Campus

Crystal City Campus

Design team AM Proektus (RU) & LapLab (NL) is pleased to announce that we won 3rd prize for the open competition to develop the concept of public space in the “Krystall City" in Moscow.

Krystall City is located in the Lefortovo park area on the eastern bank on the river Yauza. On this location in 2014 a new city quarter for living, creation and recreation was projected. At the heart of the creative quarter redevelopment of the former vodka factory "Crystal". The flagship project will be Artcluster full of life 24 hours, 7 days a week. KRAYS Development organised the competition for the concept development of the territory.

The design proposal was a multi layered concept. Krystall City should become part of the Yauza river landscape and act as country estate of lost times to revitalise the river landscape. The Green Frame surrounds all build heritage and offers privacy and can be used multifunctional. The open spaces on site are to remain open to allow creative usage and seasonal change.


Yauza Rivervalley
We think the Crystal City Campus is of unique international beauty. It is a Soviet beauty. Its style is unique in the world and an asset to Metropolitan urban life of Moscow. So, what could landscape design offer ?

We believe in value by landscaping. High landscaping qualities can boost future identity first. The word Campus sents out the signal of a vibrant lush intelligent place. Second the incorporation of the larger landscape and creating a bigger embedded identity.

Crystal City Campus is adjacent to the historic valley river Yauza. What if, the new complex could build up an identity of that of the perfect urban park estate? The medieval Aristocrates and Tsars build there palaces on these riverbanks to contemplate and enjoy the qualities of life.An estate on the river Yauza. The former luxury refuges of the city center will live again. Crystal City Campus is an unique urban park estate, an oases on the Yauza river.


Green Frame
How to landscape an identity of a park estate in the Crystal City Campus? Because of the architectural beauty of the complex the landscape should not compete with it. There can only be losers to the conflict. The winning landscape design should support the build matter. With the Green Frame we set out to emphasise the contours of the buildings and offering an interactive buffer between public and the private. Residential program on the ground floor can get more privacy, yet an opening in the frame invites people to enter for instance the café.

Psychogeografical analyse of the Krystall City site shows the flow of people through the complex. The main entrances leads people over the site to their destination. Path width, cornering the borderstones show and guide people over the site. No constrains of concentrated thinking but just by feeling the space. This is the pure comfort.

Open space is the ultimate freedom.
To transform transit space into places of freedom and activity we designed the Green Frame to emphasise the building contours but at the same time the frames mark the open space. Open space is the optimal space for creativity. Not confusing open space with emptiness. The architecture of the complex creates a unique decor for the creation of space yet with soft sensual green borders.

The plaza’s on the campus can be elevated or suppressed on the terrain to create space. Lifting the plaza creates a stage for performance. It transforms people into actors. Chances passiveness into the Active. Suppression creates higher border to site and create an outdoor auditorium.
All functions can be embedded in openness, temporary is the contemporary society and so flexible should be its world.

Crystal City Campus
An creative and inspirational oasis on the Yauza, sensual Green Frames with continues blossoming landscape, supporting functionality of the uses, lifting the unique architecture of Krystall City, the Green Frame set the canvas for you to shine.



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