What can the street offer that social media can not .. ?
Shall we focus more on our freedoms .. ?
Can we make your street sexy .. ?
How can we get youngster to go out of the house .. ?
Can we stop focussing on the economy for a moment and start focussing on love .. ?
Can our streets make us happier, smile more and grow affection .. ?


Yes, with Cupido Bench!


Let's come together
Have you ever thought how important it is to show your love and to have the freedom to do it? Maybe we all need a push sometimes to remember the importance of showing affection for our beloved. Kissing is romantic, spicy and there is actually physical and biological reason to kiss. It causes our bodies to release those "feel good" hormones that give us calm and happiness. We could all use a little positivity. Moreover, we are sure that seeing people sharing love while enjoying a slow-relaxed time would bring happiness and a smile to lots of people that are passing by.

We share the freedom to kiss in public
In the past people used to kiss much more than now! It just wasn't considered such an erotic act like as we do nowadays. When the erotic significance of the kiss came dominant, public affections became impopular, not appropriate and even prohibited. And still there are in lots of countries where just holding hands could be punishable with jail. With this project we want to celebrate the freedom to love: the freedom we conquered back of expressing love, choosing who to love and how.

Supported by the son of Venus, God of Love; Cupid
The Cupido Bench is a bench for outdoor spaces. It consists of a comfortable seat which beams being bent and supported by Cupid. In this way the bench is a modern interpretation of the angel helping people to love or being loved. The bent seat forces users to slide against each other. The bench can also be used as a comfortable object to lay on (a single person waiting for love displayed by Cupid?)

Cupido Bench starts as a single project but has potential to develop as a social phenomenon along many streets, in many cities, over the world. As a part of this the benches will also become the center of a social media event. By means of a twitter account and facebook account lovers and friends will be able to upload their pictures, reaching the whole world with their love. In this way, the Cupido Bench will become a place maker, attracting people to the city center, creating happiness and making people "slow down" when nearby.

The Love Garden

In beginning of 2014 the bench is realised, to assists in the love garden of 'De Keukenhof" in Lisse, The Netherlands. Surrounded by flowers the Cupido Bench caused a lot of love in the beautiful, coloured gardens.


Show some affection, bring love to your street, share it with the world.




In cooperation with Marchel-Wim van Dongen and supported by AW-Groep en SNEP. 



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