GrøntHavneLiv - Copenhage

GrøntHavneLiv - Copenhage

Nordhavn Copenhage was an open international competition held in 2008. The competition was launched by CPH City & Port in conjunction with the City of Copenhagen and the Architects Association of Denmark for the development of Nordhavnen. The overall vision of the competition was to design a sustainable city district of the new century with innovative solutions that would be able to meet the challenges of climate change and resource consumption. The masterplan for the development of residential program for 40.000 people, 40.000 jobs and 40.000 bicycles. The plan should make it possible to build a total floor area of about 900.000m2.

The project brief was of the highest ambition and challenged designers to rethink masterplanning. This competition proposal was done with the playful idea of rethinking how future neighborhoods might look like and what the potential is of letting go of fixed prethought planning. In the phasing we summarised the steps towards the future giving the concept of an overall development of 40years.

Neighborhoods are the key elements of the metropolis. Introducing them to an intrinsic sustainability is to serve daily conveniences and necessities of its inhabitants within easy walking distance. This autonomous physical character is the core of the larger successful sustainable metropolis. Designing this large masterplan brief starts with designing the first complete neighbourhood, leaving freedom for innovation towards the future. Who know’s what the future will bring and what we will need at this time?

  1. Don’t masterplan immense projects, create successful neighbourhoods.
  2. The sustainable city starts with organising people’s lifestyle on the scale of their neighbourhood.


Phasing of the neighbourhoods :

Phase 1: Starts with attracting people

FAR 2.5 Iconic public attractor (museum&nightlife) Programmatic mix of Housing, Working & XL shopping Introducing Green quay’s Natural rainwater bassins New Marina - luxury boat industry Introducing Water taxi

Phase 2: Achieving sustainable critical mass on the peninsula
FAR 3 Nordhaven parc, sportfields and ecology water edges Dense urban program 
Sustainable energy sources Program of mixed use Offices and Living 

Phase 3: independent sustainable district
FAR 3,5 Transport goes by metro, extended by travellators. Central parking transferium = metrostop Low rise, small public space Nordhaven Parc, squares, wide views Harbor relicts become cultural program

Phase 4: Pedestrian district
FAR 4 Green roofs, Wintergarden & Linear forest Introducing the luxury houses vs smaller units Sculptural architecture Densification creates more services Ferrydock with old harbor relict

Phase 5: … the future …
FAR 4,5 Copenhagen sustainable skyline towers Free zone artists - marina life Solar energy installation on the water Ecology barrier Energy winning city

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