Rød Løper - Haugesund

Rød Løper - Haugesund

In the end of 2011, LapLab together with Plane Sight Architecture participated in the Europan no.11 competition for the municipality of Haugesund, Norway.

As a former herring fishing community, Haugesund has grown to city-like proportions seemingly without notion. The urban predicament of expansion without intensification has maneuvered the centre into a difficult position. Maintaining it’s attractiveness for, and connection with the suburban areas has become more of a struggle than of a constant process.

Regarding the centre’s recognisability it can be said that one passes by literally, traveling through Haugesund on the way to other places. Flotmyr is a blind spot along the road, the centre on the other side stands on itself, taking distance due to it’s geographical situation on an elevated plateau. The Karmsundagata, being the main artery, rather cuts through the city instead of interacting with it.
For a future perspective it is important to solve these structural issues, to generate a catalyzing effect. Taking this as it’s premise, Rød Løper is not about creating a new image of Haugesund, but rather providing an urban scheme which emphasizes existing hidden qualities.

At the moment the centre is out of balance due to it’s orientation mainly towards the water, turning it’s back towards the hinterland. Rød Løper resets this contextual imbalance by clearly interpreting Flotmyr as part of a programmatic ring embracing the centre. Together with Byparken, Rådhusplassen and Smedasundet, Flotmyr makes the fourth anchorpoint marking the centre and the leisure loop around town is finally closed. With it’s functional diversity including the bus terminal and possible future train station, Flotmyr creates a synergy with the other representative public zones.

In collaboration with :
Aldo Trim - Plane Sight Architecture

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