Jardin de Queyries - Bordeaux

Jardin de Queyries - Bordeaux

First prize for the competition of the Quay de Queyries was won in 2011 when LapLab joined with MVRDV and JA on the project for the right bank of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux, until now, developed mainly on the left side of the river the Garonne. Recently, densification of the right bank was allowed but raised the issue of the character of the city that was considered to be adopted. How could the now empty part, enhance the second part of the famous city center of Bordeaux? What are the responses to this lack of cohesion between the two sides of the Bordeaux city center, now separated by the Garonne?

Located at the interface of the BIA "Coeur de Bastide" and Bastide Niel operation, the new residential area occupies a crucial place in the city of Bordeaux. Its privileged location makes it a hinge element between the historic city center and the two major new development operations by questioning the urban shape of the Bastide.

The key issue to solve the problem is not to develop a beautiful old European city center, but to combine the old values with the new demands of the future. A new denser neighbourhood, big and small, social divers and feasible. Streets to encourage to cycle instead of the busy car traffic.

A series of actions is set to move towards a residential neighbourhood with a high ambition:
The density of the project induces its urbanity and accentuates its use with the program established by the city of Bordeaux :

  • Every valuable heritage building is preserved, the history of the site is still visible.
  • Respect for the neighbors: The plan provides a comfortable space for its neighbors. 
  • Light for all: The volume is cut at an angle of 45 degrees in all directions to allow the penetration of light into each neighboring apartment. 
  • Sunshine for all: 
  • The volume is cut at an angle of 22 degrees to provide two hours of direct sunlight to all apartments during the shortest day in winter.
  • Natural ventilation is provided to make buildings not larger then 15 meters. 
  • To create a good connection with the urban context, the streets will connect to the surroundings. 
  • Parking is not located on the front face at the ground floor, leaving space for terraces to cafes or private gardens. 
  • On the river side of the Garonne the apartments will have each a beautiful view over he river. 
  • The main ambition of the Queyries is to move towards a "zero energy". To achieve this goal, roofs and facades facing south are covered with PV cells to offset energy consumption apartments. The different colors used for solar panels give each habitat a strong identity.
  • Diversity in typologies; The volume is divided into different types: one to five. Their diversity gives the project a wealth for social diversity.

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