Jekaterinburg Television Tower

Jekaterinburg Television Tower

Jekaterinburg is Russia’s fourth-largest city and is situated on the Iset river in middle Russia and is the place of the unfinished 200m high tv-tower which was designed to be 400m tall. The famous Ekaterinburg TV Tower now undergoes a series of alterations in order to meet modern aesthetical, technical and of series of social requirements. For us, the redesigned democratic tower peaks in Jekaterinburg skyline as the symbol of the new city with the iconic tower for the people.

The platforms added house a panorama deck, restaurants, a hotel, conference and meeting rooms and other social and business facilities. The redesigned tower becomes multifunctional and opens its doors to the community, not only sharing a full spectre of 24/7 leisure services but also letting the community partake in forming the Catherina Tower. The design adds 10000 sqm meters of useful floor surface to the existing part .Being a multi-financed project, it now becomes accessible to private investors as well as to public ones. This also makes the design crisis-resistant and more flexible.

This part of Russia has always been known for all kinds of metalwork - from black metal industry to elaborate jewellery. The tower design celebrates the best traditions of it, complimented with achievements of XXI century engineering. It also performs little to no disturbance in the static scheme, and therefore, balance of the tower. Floor construction and material needed to meet multiple requirements such as lightness, comfort, safety and simplicity of assembling process.

At the foot of Catherina Tower, resting secure and calm behind the green acoustic pyramids, finds itself a Garden of Hundred Islands, bringing softness and romance to the Tower surroundings. The new radiant Garden islands consists of scenic private and one collective garden and is to become a new spot on the romance map of Ekaterinburg, attracting couples and celebrating the gift of Love in between the creeks.

In cooperation with : Geelhoed Engineering BV

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