Khodynka Park

Khodynka Park

Khodynka Pole competition is about designing for the extensive need of quality green for Moscow, but is it a park for the neighbourhood or for the metropole? We choose both and created the concept for a great neighbourhood park adding an unique park as addition to the palette of Moscovian great parks.

The future to be park is located just outside the Third Ring Road in the north-west of Moscow, on the 40 Hectares of the former Frunze Airfield within a newly constructed urban development. The Third Ring of the city is based on modern understanding of Moscow and is no outskirts, though being far enough from the city center to hold its own identity. Khodynka Park, with the new NCCA (National Center for Contemporary Arts), will be a park for the district but also meet up with a successful liveable city of world scale and international highest level of ambition. We believe the strength of the Khodynka district is to link and create the network of local parks, giving acces to green diversity, with Khodynka Park precious at its heart.

The competition was organised by JSC INTECO, a flagship Russian developer. The company draws on vast experience creating urban development concepts, comprehensive residential development of territories in Moscow and the regions. The competition was organised in two stages, first stage was from september until november 2013 and second stage was december until march 2014.

This park is for people. For those who live the neighbourhood, visitors from the city and the tourists. You can come to stroll, rest, recover from the stress, or to be active, or in solitude or social groups, for all ages and income. The main aim to develop this park is to give people who live in the neighbourhood a peaceful and quiet place to escape from the busy, noisy metropolis. However the park gives also a place to be active, interact and entertain with the new NCCA. The cultural highlights of the park will be the new modern art museum and a subway museum housed inside the new Khodynka park.

Khodynka park gives the residents a place to stay, instead of a transition route for passengers from the metro station to other parts of the surroundings. The cycle/ roller blades and walking paths, for khodynka park visitors, are separated and have different routes in a vibrant loop. Going around the track circuit takes you to a journey to various places, each with its unique atmosphere. From forest to the sport avenue, NCCA, ecology zone, then to the mountain, to the restaurant, swimming pond, central lake and waterfall, to the meadow and then back to the forest. Therefore the routing of the park offers an unlimited reservoir of different walks according to your daily emotions.

As the base for the design we chose traditional english landscape style as it lived through centuries and is highly appreciated even in the modern world. Adopting its best qualities of dense borders, surprising and long sight lines and diverse spatial experiences will encourage people to free their mind and recreate themselves during a walk. Combining traditional spatial principles with contemporary functionalities, design and activities we get a unique 21st century modern park.

This down-to-earth sincerity of the proposal goes away from the experimental and focusses on what Moscow really needs - a stylish city park.

In collaboration with : AM Proektus - Moscow

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