Klaksvik Culture Street

Klaksvik Culture Street

Imagine the center area of Klaksvik as a central connector that generates a diverse, contemporary and vibrant town heart. How to connect the sea, the landscape and the existing townscape in a relaxed and natural manner? The plan ’Klaksvik Culture Street’ proposes a crossroads center, a plan that generates synergy where the two town areas meet, where the landscape and townscape meet and where the people of Klaksvik will meet in a sheltered, friendly center square.

Besides all the obvious qualities existing in and around Klaksvik, - what does the community really need to improve its living conditions? This proposal identifies the following opportunities for the Klaksvik community.

- Reinforcing the connection to the landscape with a new creek. The new proposed creek bedding makes a natural connection from the festival area to the sea.
- Connecting Highstreet: A new shopping Highstreet connects the Northern and Southern parts of Klaksvik.
- A new heart: At the crossing between the Creek and the Highstreet a new, sheltered central square forms the new natural heart for Klaksvik.
- The waterfront is revitalized through new connections and new community key programmes.

A Framework for Flexible Development
An urban plan has to be flexible and has to accommodate change in time. Klaksvik is a growing community and needs a sustainable urban plan for the 21st century. The challenge is to make a comprehensive plan for the city center, a spatial framework which enables all actors such as the developing parties, the municipality, entrepreneurs and inhabitants to work with in the future.

This proposal coins a framework plan that hinges on a number of core qualities: the creek, the highstreet, the central square and the revitalized waterfront. The architectural means with which to realize these qualities as well as the phasing in time is flexible and can be implemented in various ways. The plan can be developed with the local community in a process of public participation.

International design competition for 22.000 m2 mixed use development in The Faroe Islands.

In collaboration with: JvantSpijker - urbanism & architecture and Orri Steinarsson (2012).

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