Sochi Star Plaza

Sochi Star Plaza

Sochi is one of Russian resort cities on the Black Sea where the development quality level was raised dramatically after Olympic Games 2014. The territory for the public space intervention is located in the central part of the city being partly a pedestrian flow distribution space connected to the central transport knot and partly public space for the shopping center intended for a forthcoming re-concept development. The new presence of large amount of vegetation suggests that the area has significant recreational characteristics what is not the case at the time.

The task to create a pleasant attractive space for visitors of the shopping mall as well as for citizens using the facilities of the transport knot was set by the client and municipality together. LAP landscape & Urban Design together with AM Proektus (Moscow) has developed the plan integrating utilitarian functions and lush aesthetic values to mix and combine functionality of the public space.

Hot Southern climate of the city gives a lot of opportunities for locating activities in the open air. This advantage of the location was used by the team to concentrate variety of programs in the spot and by this provide continuous quality of space intended for visitors of different age and focused on family leisure.  

The heart of the place is Star Plaza. It is a multifunctional space to hold different events as well as the space hosting many programs. Adjacent to the square bar counter and stage for performances ensured that the Plaza becomes the major point of public attention. Shaped as stars tiles included in the Plaza pavement could be replaced with golden stars of famous people visiting the park. The other programs as such as multifunctional children centre, art-space, garden-café, souvenir kiosks were placed along the site to create evenly convivial public space. The activities are also distributed in time and each guest will find suitable entertainment in any time of the day. 

In spite of prevailing entertainment functions in the site the recreational quality of the space was not diminished. On the contrary, the park was emphasized by connecting with the promenade, creating attractive view points along the area to introduce the richness of southern vegetation to visitors and additionally by creating blossoming hedges to separate different functional areas.  

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