Sugar City Strip

Sugar City Strip

On the site of the former Sugar Factory in Moscow - named by Mantulin of Mantoulinskaya - a new residential development was projected by Client Sergey Gordeev of PIK Company in Moscow. Next to the park of Krasnaya presnya and Moscow City with the tallest towers of the metropole.

In september 2014 we were approached by PIK Group to make a landscape proposal for the approved masterplan. The masterplan contains the total transformation of the former sugar factory. The old iconic Sugar Factory tower was integrated in the first phase of the plan to preserve the heritage of the site and to create an unique identity.

The location of the site gives direct access to the third ring of Moscow and is close by two metro stations, which provides the most favourable conditions for the new development of the residential complex for business-class level apartments and environment.

The five large mixed function blocks are focussed on the central zone of the plan. Changing the traffic scheme made it possible to create a fully pedestrian zone at the heart of the plan. This new Sugar City Strip connects the three building phases to the park and the pont balcony. Each phase has its own unique pavilion on the strip. These pavilions colour the identity of the strip and enrich the daily lives of the future residents. The mobile planters give annually a bright touch of blossom each spring.

The Sugar City landscape design was further based on our set of value's:

  • Children first
  • privacy matters
  • Open courtyards
  • Better green then stone


Children first

To invest in the most important people in the world makes that public space is fun, interesting and safe. Study shows that young families, and especially newly moms, set the highest demands on the residential public space. Designing towards these demands makes sure everybody, all ages, are willing to come and life in a neighbourhood. Urban dwellers want to live in the city because of the luxury and the comfort, and this is what we defined in every corner.

The competition was withheld from a winner. None the less, we believe in our project and the vision it presents!




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