Swanlake Senior Community

Swanlake Senior Community

In the beginning 2014 LAP Landscape & Urban Design got the commission in collaboration with InterUal Consultancy to design a senior community in a new urban district adjacent to the Yangtze / Yellow river. The project is developed for the client Zhongxing Huanghe White Swan Eco-culture Developing. The new urban district, called Swanlake, consists of multiple neighbourhoods which lays north of the city Sanmenxia and approximately 25km south of the city Yuncheng. The senior community is to be for five thousand senior inhabitants of different ages from 50 up to 90+. The surface area of the project site is set to be 25.5 ha according to the general plan for Swanlake.

The design for the senior community consists in its core of five elements:

  • First of all a divers senior community demographics. 

The overall vision for the masterplan was to make a sustainable urban district that serves an elderly community. This group with problematic chances of social isolation is a growing challenge for the republic of China. The spatial concept has to address these social circumstances and let the inhabitants meet and interact. The senior community with its safe botanical route and different identities will stimulate interaction and places to meet for all ages and people.

  • The main spatial connecting concept is the botanical senior route. 

The path connects the greater existing landscape, with the mountain part and the gorge, with extraordinary plants and trees. The walking route will give the senior residents a place to interact and meet each other. On this track several activities posted, such as dancing fields, tea houses, chai chi, badminton fields and more sports and link all facility buildings.

  • The existing landscapes and creating a place and identity for every one. 

The landscape and its undulation provides the basic framework for the development. The landscape is formed by the stormwater drainage flow which resulted in landscape valley’s and floodplain. According to the general plan the site includes the southern bamboo forest, a valley with river, agricultural ground and mountains. Sanmenxia has a rain period in summer time with a lot of rain and chances on floods, but has also very dry period in winter time. The bamboo forest is located on lower levels and could be considered not wise to construct upon due to the risk of flood.

  • Local identity and calm architecture.

For making a various city for a large group of future residents, we designed a range of buildings to suite different characters of people and divers fortune. In the elderly homes there are four groups of categories: social apartments, condominiums, family villa's and courtyard dwelling/apartments with communal living. To attract and host different social classes a mixture of typology was the base for the development constructions on the masterplan. A large band of villa’s with gardens border the site. On the area of the hill and temple condominiums can be constructed. The social apartments are close to service center. The center of the plan is formed by services that overview the valley and valley lake.

  • High typological diversity, simplicity in materials.

The architectural agenda is set to match the style of the neighbourhood although there is a high diversity of typology and service buildings and architectural forms. The harmony of materialisation is an important aspect of the community.

In collaboration with : InterUal Consultancy B.V.







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