Reclaimed SLP-grounds

Reclaimed SLP-grounds

Farmer and consultant Paul Bos (locally known as Boer Bos) asked us if we wanted to help. To support him with a plan to replant forgotten crops as a temporary art installation on the soon to be developed grounds of Schiphol Logistics Park which now lay abandoned. 

We accepted and half a year later ... we got these gorgeous photo’s of Paul !

What a superb pure project.  We love it.


Some more facts :

Schiphol Logistics Park started an experiment in spring 2012 with the sustainable cultivation of forgotten agricultural crops to make a bird repelling landscape around airport Schiphol. After a positive initial evaluation, the experiment extended to a total of 58 ha in 2013.

The site will be under construction from 2015 which made temporary use of the land possible. The experiment was set up by SADC (Schiphol Area Development Company), one of the developers behind Schiphol Logistics Park, set up in collaboration with Boer Bos (multifunctional farm, located next to the field) and agricultural wage and rental RVR Hoofddorp BV The latter companies also provide the monitoring and implementation of the experiment.

Besides the cultivation of six out-of-fashion crops (radish, gluten-free oats, flax, maize, canola and potatoes, (bordered by a wild flower mix) a portion of the area is maintained by the sheep of Boer Bos. Through this natural mowing biodiversity is encouraged because the sheep carry in their fur seeds which spread over the grounds. There are also a number of bee-hives placed by a beekeeper. All the work in the area is done as much as possible in a sustainable way.

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