Samara Volga Vista

Samara Volga Vista

Proud to announce that LapLab has won third prize with the project "Volga Vista - City Park' in the 'Open competition for the best concept project of ZIM area development in Samara'.

The Organizer of the contest was the joint-stock company «Russian institute for urban and investments development Giprogor», Moscow, Russian Federation. The Initiator of the competition was «Delta-Stroi» LLC, Samara, Russian Federation.

The main aim of the competition was to identify architectural ideas and solutions for the best way to use the potential of the territory at optimum combined implementation of modern building technologies, materials and elements with their cost effectiveness and actual applicability.

The project site is located in the middle of the city center and the formation of residential areas of the city of Samara. The site opens out as an amphitheater along the quay of the Volga. This former factory area is marked on the east by a dominant high-rise building of OAO Gazprom.

The competition brief had a rather complex set of requirements in the design assignment. On a sloping terrain with a former enclave city structure the brief was to create design concept for 150.000 m2 shopping mall, a so called SuperMall, and 500.000 m2 residential program.

The general masterplan of 'Volga Vista - City Park' has been shaped by sight lines towards Volga and Samara Museum of Space. The urban design combines two contextual directions of Samara grids and creates at the meeting point a V-shape park overlooking the broad river Volga. The park is programmed for schools and sports and has ideal sunset views.

Situated on a natural plateau the site is a perfect balcony to overview the Volga and so all the blocks can easily be addressed on the balcony boulevard. Parallel to the river quay and the higher urban balcony an ecological river park is situated with pathways for recreation.

The SuperMall has been positioned at the back of existing commercial buildings with a key position to infrastructure while maintaining an address to the Volga. The central axes in the plan is derived from the existing factory structure and together with preserving main factory office buildings the elementary factory heritage stays incorporated into the new plan.

The urban blocks are composed of a number of smaller, standardised building structures that repeat economically but maintain a divers architectural facade. The grid of micro rayons has been enriched with small high rise residential towers marking important sight lines within the masterplan.

The Volga Vista - City Park will become Samara's main place to enjoy life, shop, sport and on warm summer nights to relax and watch the sunset sinking slowly into the Volga.

  • Total residents :13.750 (0-6: 820 / 7-18: 1.640)
  • Residential program :550.000 m2
  • Neighborhood services :43.500 m2
  • Parking places :5000 pp
  • SuperMall :110.000 - 150.000 m2
  • Parking SuperMall :2450 pp




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